Our History

The first greater Kansas City Mathematics Technology EXPO was held in 1991 at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS. Initial sponsorship for the conference was provided by the Kansas City Regional Council for Higher Education (KCRCHE). The EXPO has been an annual conference ever since.

In 1992, the second EXPO moved to Kansas City Kansas Community College. When KCRCHE was dissolved in 1994, the EXPO became a self-supporting event. All succeeding EXPOs were held at Kansas City Kansas Community College until 1997, when the EXPO moved to the new Science Center at Rockhurst University. The name of the EXPO also was changed in 1997 to the Kansas City Regional Mathematics Technology EXPO, and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

In 2009, the EXPO moved to the University of Missouri Kansas City, across the street from Rockhurst University.

In 2016, the EXPO dropped "Regional" from its name, becoming simply the Kansas City Mathematics Technology EXPO.

In 2018, the EXPO added "Teaching" to its name, becoming the Kansas City Mathematics Teaching Technology EXPO.

During the time since 1991, the EXPO has grown from a one day event with an attendance of 56 people to a 2 day event with an average attendance of over 100 people, with regular and new attendees on average from about 25 four-year colleges, 15 two-year colleges, 10 high schools, and 10 states.


Year Keynote & Invited Speakers
2019 Eli Luberoff & David Clark
2018 Maria Andersen & Rafranz Davis
2017 Grant Sanderson & Christopher Danielson
2016 Laura Taalman & Patrick Honner
2015 Robert Talbert & Henry Segerman
2014 Dan Petrak & Matt Boelkins
2013 Deborah Ives & Kyle Siegrist
2012 Rob Beezer & Lawrence Moore
2011 Paul Zorn & Kelly Cline
2010 Wade Ellis & Maria Andersen
2009 Lila Roberts & Michael Mays
2008 Nick Jacqiw & Markus Hohenwarter
2007 Bruce Yoshiwara & Jere Confrey
2006 Glendon Blume & Doug Ensley
2005 Joseph Gallian & Andrew Bennett
2004 Susan Holmes & Louis Gross
2003 Thomas Banchoff & Deane Arganbright
2002 Edward Burger & John Orr
2001 David Smith & Paul Eakin
2000 Keith Stroyan & V. Frederick Rickey
1999 Gene Klotz & Susan Holmes
1998 Frank Wattenberg & Warren Esty
1997 Wade Ellis Jr. & Bob Devaney
1996 Stan Wagon & L. Carl Leinbach
1995 Keith Devlin
1994 Ed Dubinsky
1993 Deborah Hughes-Hallett
1992 Jerry Johnson
1991 Darrel Thoman

Kansas City Mathematics Teaching Technology EXPO
EXPO History