Speaker Materials

Bekah Selby
"Use of RStudio's R-Notebooks for Creating Interactive Content for Statistics Courses" (2B)
Stephanie Kajpust
"Using Video-Conferencing Software to Teach Online" (2C)
Majid Bani-Yaghoub
"Letting the Students Know About the Pros and Cons of Step-by-step Online Calculators" (4D)
David Clark
"First steps to creating a mastery graded class" (5A)
David Cobb
"Digital Divide and Developmental Mathematics" (5B)
Glenn Rice
"YaWPaW (Yet another WeBWork Problem authoring Workshop" (5C)
Thomas Mahoney
"Build a Better Gradebook with Pivot Tables" (6A)
Nora Strasser
"Using Tinkercad to Design Tessellations for 3D Printing" (6B)
Thomas Mahoney
"Read the Book! Improving Reading Comprehension in Mathematics" (9A)
Chad Wiley
"Moving your Mathematics Courses Online" (9B)
Lisa Erickson
"Exploring the Four-Color Theorem with Free Content Available Online" (9C)

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